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How we started  (the journey)

We began as a Bible Study group in a meeting room of a hotel in 2006. We started as Shema Worldwide Christian Ministries. The name shema was given from Deuteronomy 6 verses 4-5: "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength." We knew by God that we would be used wonderfully, we just didn't know how He was going to accomplish it. We didn't mind not knowing. We were ready for ministry, and ultimately the rewards. We became unashamed, unafraid harvesters.  


As people came to Jesus for salvation in our weekly  meetings, we moved from the hotel to the chapel of a church where more people joined us. We continued there in the chapel from 2006 to 2007 with 6 a.m. prayer services and 7 p.m. weekly Bible Study.


News spread. We added Church Without Walls for All Nations to our name. We were energetic with outreach and evangelism with boxes of food and household goods, clothing, prayer, and even resolutions for conflicts that people were facing in the schools. God gave us increase of ministers to share the work as the increase of souls of people from many nations came to join us. 

We launched as a church congregation with God's help one Sunday morning in the summer of 2007. The hourly rent for the main sanctuary of that church was expensive. We moved to a movie theater about a mile away where we continued to grow. We added Sunday worship services, Bible Study, Children's Ministries, and continued with Outreach. Like Isaac in Genesis 26, our growth brought contention. So, we moved from there to a church building were we rented a sanctuary,  separate infant and children rooms, one classroom for middle schoolers, the gymnasium, and a pastor's office.

People kept coming and exploring their faith. They found their purpose and God's plan for their lives. We continued to grow and added Friday night Youth services, which were powerful. Many young people turned to Jesus and kept bringing their friends. They needed direction and God helped us to keep many from dropping out of high school, and instead they graduated and went on to college. They also became saved and baptized as the Holy Spirit transformed them into gentle, loving people. Young people and adults from the neighborhoods would just walk over to church for worship services and Friday night fun activities. We grew fast, and as God continued to give us more grace,  we were faced with contentions again.

We outgrew that space. So, we prayed and fasted for direction. God led us to where we currently worship in Tucker.

Please donate to our Building Fund on our Donate page. Our current goal is 2..5 million dollars. 


During the first eight years of RCC, the work was a lot ! Salvation of souls and transformation of their lives and Holy Spirit baptism were our priorities. In those years of great, Godly evangelism we were not focused on Membership. It was not until around 2017 that we began to make Membership one of our priorities. God had set us a light in the midst of darkness and confusion. It was time to grow in membership numbers.


We are grateful to God for His blessings and our ongoing influence in the communities.  ​Through many days and nights of prayer and fasting, many early morning and late night prayer drives, we prayed and talked to God about saving people. 


People come to RCC because of  love, teaching /preaching, and a desire to serve God. God unites us in our weekly gatherings for the Word and fellowship through our common love for Jesus Christ. One thing we believe is that community means we can’t do life on our own. God created us to enjoy life, at times endure life, and grow & learn by having sincere, meaningful relationships in life.

In 2021, we became affiliated with the Church of God of Cleveland, Tennessee. We love their heart for evangelism and missions, and their reliance on the Holy Spirit. Evangelism and missions are also important to us and have given Rehoboth a place in the hearts of cities and nations where RCC has been both generous and evangelistic. We have co-planted several Bible schools in West Africa. As of March 2023, Rehoboth is now in 9 locations....our U.S. location and 8 new  church plants in West Africa. 

Rehoboth began with almost 98% unbelievers who later became saved, baptized, and some received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Sanctification and reliance on the Holy Spirit are still edified in our teachings. The gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed week after week, and it is still our mandate. Jesus showed Himself powerful with visible and miraculous healings in the lives of people who needed solutions. People were delivered from drugs and alcoholism, sexual addictions, poverty, and life issues. We witnessed diseases disappearing to people being brought back from near death, to the miracle of a very sick man walking again, and a boy crippled with an unknown ailment getting up from the altar in a Sunday service and walking. RCC saw Jesus work miracles. He won many to His kingdom for His Name's sake. We are still experiencing Christ's miraculous works.

God also led us to do works among the homeless population of Dekalb and Fulton County over a period of  about 9 years. It was hands-on, weekly ministry. We were blessed to minister to over 9,600 people from the streets of Atlanta with love and care in their spiritual and daily needs. Some were re-united with families. Some re-dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ. Some gave their lives to Jesus for the first time. Some were blessed to find  transitional housing. In 2023, we are still supportive of the homeless solution but now we work through the Atlanta Missions and others.  

Rehoboth later embraced and still embraces the opposition to sex trafficking.  We hold seminars and invite those who are sincerely and actively involved in the fight to expose and address that terrible situation. We support those organizations that oppose sex trafficking.   


Rehoboth exists for you in four powerful ways: Christ-full. Prayerful. Loving. Active.


It has been an amazing, spiritual journey with those who already have a saving relationship with Jesus, and a great privilege introducing Him to those who are looking to embrace that wonderful love, truth, and eternal life.  We are resolute in our belief in the workings of the Holy Spirit of God to bring  you to where you will thrive and go on to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. He is the Son of God who forgives sin and opens heaven to us. .


With God, nothing is impossible. Mark 10:27. 

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