Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, repentance from sin, holiness, and eternal life


  • We believe in marriage between one man and one woman.


  • Baptism by water immersion in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


  • Ongoing fellowship with the church assembly, use of our gifts unto the Lord, evangelism, studying the word of God, fervent prayer and fasting, and love


  • Ordaining men and women to the Lord's work by the  Holy Spirit, by the laying on of hands, and through prayer.                                                      

  • Ordaining, appointing and installing men, women, and young adults to the service of the church by their proven works.


  • Communion for all believers (Lord's Supper).


  • Dedication of children to the Lord Jesus Christ. 


  • Anointing with oil for the sick in their homes, in the church, and anointing with oil during special services. 


  • Miracles, signs and wonders by the power and the move of the Holy Spirit.


  • We believe that the love of Jesus Christ is the greatest, most powerful love we have ever received and the most life-transforming love we can give to others. 


  • We believe in church membership as an important part of Christian life and our faith as we grow into strong, mature and productive people in the church, family, on our jobs, careers, businesses, and in our communities.


  • We believe that the nation of Israel is important in the fulfillment of prophecy, and that while we pray for all nations, Jerusalem and its peace and prosperity is also critical in our prayers, according to the word of God.